Free High Performing Teams Instant Healthcheck Tool Spreadsheet

An important free tool which I provide with my new book ‘A Systematic Guide to High Performing Teams‘ is a Team Process Health Check Spreadsheet written in Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet allows you to rapidly assess each of 16 important team process elements on a scale of 0-3 ranging from ‘totally absent’ to ‘present and effective’.

The results are shown graphically as a bar chart (summary level) and a spider diagram (detailed level).

The spreadsheet also allows you to record your action priorities (1-3) for each of the 16 process elements which it then compares automatically with a team process maturity model described to give you a good indication of whether your proposed sequence of process improvements makes actually sense in terms of best practices. You can also customise and extend the tool.

To obtain your personal copy of the spreadsheet you can buy the book or send me an email.