Teamwork lessons from olympic rowing teams

On Saturday 21st August 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games, Matthew Pinsent, CBE entered Olympic history. In one of the classic sporting moments of all time, he led Great Britain to victory over the Canadian World Champions by just eight one hundredths of a second. I recently heard Matthew speak about the teamwork in world-class rowing teams where he stressed the importance of two vital ingredients: distributed leadership and synchronised team member response.

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New research on beliefs of High Performing Teams

We have completed a short research project into the beliefs of three High Performing Teams (HPTs) in a large software organisation. Our research indicated that four beliefs were universally held: clear and public accountability, trusted competency, give and take and outcome optimism. Five other beliefs were largely or partially held suggesting that an HPT may have between 4 and 9 key beliefs.

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Managing Teams: David Brent of ‘The Office’ offers ten tips

David Brent, the manager in the hugely popular satirical comedy drama about organisational life, The Office suffers from ‘delusions of grandeur’ concerning his leadership skills and the value of his personal philosophy of management. I have compiled a collection of his top tips in the area of teams, leadership and collaboration.

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