An organisation case study in complex adaptive systems

A case study of a public sector learning organisation from the chief executive’s perspective. I will always remember the first time I met Peter because he told me that the main way he helped enterprises was to get them to throw away most of their processes. You don’t hear many consultants say this so I got curious! Bioteams Guest Article by Peter Fryer

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Virtual teams, entrepreneurship and enterprise development

Virtual entrepreneurs inhabit the hidden spaces in and between enterprises
Virtual teams are not just for corporate projects – there are numerous forms of virtual network, enterprise, community and cluster. One of the most interesting areas for the virtual team is in new enterprise development and entrepreneurship. Bioteams Guest Article by Ray Symmes.

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Virtual team productivity – three action rules from nature

In this article I introduce and identify the fundamental key overarching principle of Bioteams and define the first three action rules that can enable existing “Virtually Networked Teams” to start integrating Bioteaming full potential. By Ken Thompson and Robin Good.

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