Bee Game viral launched to fight varroa mite plague

T-Enterprise have just released a new game viral to draw attention to the problems the bee population is facing with the varroa mite which unless something is done could wipe out the entire bee population within ten years.

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Bioteaming is biomimicry of social structures

Janine Benyus, talking at TED, describes biomimicry as learning an idea from an organism and then applying it – the conscious emulation of life’s genius. Bioteaming, then, is the biomimicry of social structures- taking ideas from Nature about how groups perform and intra-operate, and applying them to enhance how we humans work together in groups and teams. Doug Philips aka teamite#222* and bioteams guest author muses.

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A great free Social Network Analysis Tool

I have been checking out social network analysis (SNA) tools which allow social network data (directly input or imported from external systems) to be displayed, manipulated and analysed graphically in a number of ways. I was also looking for SNA tools which are free or have a free version. Here’s 4 tools which look very useful!

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