Virtual collaboration on new airliner

How Boeing is building the 787 Dreamliner
Ron Hagerman, Nov 3, 2005 reports how Boeing, competing in a world-class industry undergoing massive, rapid transformation have turned to a new business model based on virtual teams involving 60 partners and 72 sites around the world. See other articles on Virtual Enterprise Networks and Supply Chain Agility.

The perfect mobile group communications system: adopt nature’s oldest signalling system

Pheromone-based messaging is the oldest and most evolved form of biological signalling. It uses chemicals to effect communications between animals and insects through smell and taste. There is an excellent opportunity for today’s virtual teams and mobile groups to re-organise the way they use their internet, email, messaging and presence-aware technologies to gain huge benefits from it.

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Real creativity is a social activity

Creative innovation needs social networks not just neural networks
We often have in our head the stereotype of the brilliant but solitary artist or writer who cannot, or will not, work with anyone else but is this the whole story on creativity and innovation?

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Virtual enterprise network case study

An Environmental Technology VEN
This article links to a detailed case study of a Virtual Enterprise Network (VEN) operating on a cross-border basis between small-to-medium businesses in Ireland with the specific objective to strengthen their ability to compete on a global commercial stage.

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