Team member responsibility problems

One of the main dilemmas for team leaders and members is the thorny issue of responsibility. We often fixate on the problem of leaders and members not taking enough responsibility but according to Dr Scott Peck they can also do damage if they try to take too much!

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A Collaboration Maturity Model

A CMM for collaborative networks
Over the last year months a group of cluster facilitators and network coaches in Northern Ireland, including myself, have been working under the auspices of the Cluster Facilitators Forum, to try and develop a non-proprietary open model to guide how collaboration can develop between businesses through clusters and networks.

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Join thousands discussing urban sustainability issues online

Unique Jam event will focus the collective brainpower of virtual crowds on the world’s worst problems
From December 1-3, the Habitat JAM online event will bring together tens of thousands of people from around the world to discuss and debate some of the most urgent and controversial issues that face our rapidly urbanizing planet:

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The Hard Side of Change Management

Often we get fixated on the soft side of teams and change management. By this I mean techniques concerning how do we get the right team, how do we understand the team members personal motivations, how do we create a good team working environment and how do we resolve conflict.
These are all vitally important however we may forget that this is only half the story…..

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