The Intelligent Way to Ask Dumb Questions

Its easy to get the wool pulled over your eyes especially when you talk to experts! Communications consultant Jodi Glickman Brown offers three concrete steps to get the information you need in a conversation with an “expert” even though you might know very little about their subject.

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Data mining made easy with DMF

Data Mining, a hi-tech buzzword for many years, is about excavating useful patterns which are hidden deep in your data to give you valuable insights you could not otherwise find. I was looking for a data mining tool in the same broad price bracket as Excel but which was also robust and did not require you to be a mathematics genius to use it. Surprisingly I managed to find a product which exactly met my needs!

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Smart Bees first to solve complex mathematical problem

Scientists at Queen Mary, University of London and Royal Holloway have discovered that bees learn to fly the shortest possible route between flowers even if they discover the flowers in a different order. In doing this they are effectively solving the challenging ‘Travelling Salesman Problem’ and despite their small brains are the first creatures discovered who can do this.

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