Making virtual telecommuting work

A blueprint for building an e-Workplace To Better Manage Your Remote Workforce
Pam Stanford, Director of IBM On Demand Workplace Solutions, in an article Success in a Virtual World published in Line 56 July 2003 establishes 4 useful principles for making a success of Organisational Telecommuting:

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A Virtual Community Development Model

Community development as active waiting
Growing a successful virtual community is a lot like tending a delicate rose in your garden.
Both the rose and the community need to be carefully nurtured, fed and encouraged to grow. Both are under constant threats to their continued health and existence. Both will wither and eventually die if not carefully looked after. This is because, despite all our hopes and intentions for them, a rose and a virtual community are both living systems in their own right and will not just thrive and develop on demand – no matter how hard we push! So can you help such a creature grow and develop?

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