Wired Magazine features Bioteams

Are you smarter than a goose? Sure you are — one on one. But when it comes to working efficiently, you and your colleagues can’t touch the gaggle. According to author Ken Thompson, geese and other animals that naturally form groups have a lot to teach us about business. In a theory he calls organizational biomimetics, Thompson lays out the principles underlying nature’s management strategies. So what can you learn from a bird or an ant? Take a gander. Katharine Gammon at Wired Magazine reports.

To read What Your Boss Can Learn From Birds and Bees

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  1. Huh! Try running away from a goose! We used to keep them as watch-dogs. Terrifying!
    All my students agree that a good team can outperform a group of star players?
    Other than the sports field, where do they learn, see, and emulate fantastic team performance?

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