Spontaneous human cooperation: The Christmas Truce

We are used to having to work very hard to make collaboration happen in teams and groups however sometimes it just emerges. The Christmas Truce is the true story of how British and German soldiers in the trenches on Christmas eve 1914 called a truce and celebrated Christmas Day by singing carols, exchanging gifts and playing football together. It is an amazing example of nature’s most effective co-operation strategy, Tit for Tat, which emerged spontaneously for, sadly, an all too short time.

This heart-warming story is an example of a natural collaboration strategy known as Tit for Tat which is nature’s preferred co-operation strategy and has been proven to be the best long-term tactic for win-win collaboration between two parties.
It is also a crucial strategy for team members to use to evolve win-win outcomes with their team mates.