Smart Bees first to solve complex mathematical problem

Scientists at Queen Mary, University of London and Royal Holloway have discovered that bees learn to fly the shortest possible route between flowers even if they discover the flowers in a different order. In doing this they are effectively solving the challenging ‘Travelling Salesman Problem’ and despite their small brains are the first creatures discovered who can do this.

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Outlook Express users: move to Windows Live Mail!

I have been a loyal Outlook Express user for many years but recently have started to encounter constant problems such as OE terminating, hanging and deleting my messages when it tried to compact them. And of course OE is a “functionally stabilized” product as IBM would say (i.e. no new releases or bug fixes)! So I started to look for alternatives……

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Swarm Leader opportunity for team practitioners, consultants and researchers

Bioteams and Swarms are acknowledged as radical innovations in the field of teams, communities and social networks. To help the adoption of this innovation globally we are looking to work with and develop a limited number of “Swarm Leaders” who will create exemplars of swarm and bioteam working within various markets, communities and geographies.

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System Useability: Very funny short pixar video

“What idiot designed this thing? You did sir!” One thing this web2.0/iphone era has taught us big time is the importance of useability design. Users simply will not tolerate making them think about how to do things in apps. Neither will they will invest any time in learning the basics of an app – it must be self-evident. Watch Monsters vs Aliens – button failure.

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Video: How to raise venture capital Ali G style

VC: “But it does not work” Ali G: “That’s where you guys come in”. Ali G goes to Wall Street and discusses his killer ideas – The Ice Cream Glove and The Hoverboard – with the leading venture capital firms. With cast-iron logic Ali G argues his business is worth 34.6 Million Billion Dollars. Very funny and perhaps a reality-check for all of us in the technology start-up space.

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The web: the next 5000 days

Kevin Kelly gives a fascinating talk on TED on the next 5,000 days of the web arguing that it has currently about the same processing power as a single human brain. However over the next 30 years Kelly suggests it will rapidly grow to the power of 6 Billion human brains and exceed the total combined processing power of the human population.

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Mission Statement Generator by Dilbert

If, like me, you think that Company Mission Statements are often not worth the fancy cards they are embossed you should take a look at Dilbert’s Automatic Mission Statement Generator (unfortunately no longer available online). It looks like many of our major enterprises and public organizations have used it already!

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