Pandemic Simulation Exercise uses Swarms

Hunter New England Health in New South Wales, Australia, have completed a major Pandemic Influenza Simulation Exercise using Swarmteams, a bioteams-based multi-channel community engagement system, to manage the communications of an Emergency Operations Centre.

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Virtual teams, disaster recovery and business continuity planning

In an article, “War, pestilence, natural disasters and telework”, Jack Nilles, co-founder and president of JALA , reports that virtual working has become a key tool for crisis management.

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Teamwork lessons from olympic rowing teams

On Saturday 21st August 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games, Matthew Pinsent, CBE entered Olympic history. In one of the classic sporting moments of all time, he led Great Britain to victory over the Canadian World Champions by just eight one hundredths of a second. I recently heard Matthew speak about the teamwork in world-class rowing teams where he stressed the importance of two vital ingredients: distributed leadership and synchronised team member response.

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Virtual collaboration on new airliner

How Boeing is building the 787 Dreamliner
Ron Hagerman, Nov 3, 2005 reports how Boeing, competing in a world-class industry undergoing massive, rapid transformation have turned to a new business model based on virtual teams involving 60 partners and 72 sites around the world. See other articles on Virtual Enterprise Networks and Supply Chain Agility.

Virtual enterprise network case study

An Environmental Technology VEN
This article links to a detailed case study of a Virtual Enterprise Network (VEN) operating on a cross-border basis between small-to-medium businesses in Ireland with the specific objective to strengthen their ability to compete on a global commercial stage.

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Making virtual telecommuting work

A blueprint for building an e-Workplace To Better Manage Your Remote Workforce
Pam Stanford, Director of IBM On Demand Workplace Solutions, in an article Success in a Virtual World published in Line 56 July 2003 establishes 4 useful principles for making a success of Organisational Telecommuting:

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An organisation case study in complex adaptive systems

A case study of a public sector learning organisation from the chief executive’s perspective. I will always remember the first time I met Peter because he told me that the main way he helped enterprises was to get them to throw away most of their processes. You don’t hear many consultants say this so I got curious! Bioteams Guest Article by Peter Fryer

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