High Performing Teams Video Course launched by Ken Thompson


High Performing Teams and High Performing Virtual Teams are topics very close to the heart of almost every leader irrespective of the size of their organization.

In this new course Ken Thompson blends material from his four books on teams into a modern and totally up-to-date course on how to successfully build and sustain High Performing Teams in today’s virtual 24×7 world.

  • From “Bioteams” we will explore why collective leadership is nearly always better than singly leader teams
  • From “The Networked Enterprise” we will examine the power of collaborating beyond traditional boundaries
  • From “A Systematic Guide to HPTs” we will consider how to harmonize the two key aspects of teams – process and people and also how simulation and games can be used to accelerate team development
  • From “Collaboration and Competition” we will explode some myths such as competition between team members is unhealthy and never collaborate with your competitors (inside the organization)!

Watch Video#1 “HPTs: Their Challenges, Changes and Creation”

About Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson is an expert practitioner, author and speaker on collaboration and game-based learning.