Pandemic Simulation Exercise uses Swarms

Hunter New England Health in New South Wales, Australia, have completed a major Pandemic Influenza Simulation Exercise using Swarmteams, a bioteams-based multi-channel community engagement system, to manage the communications of an Emergency Operations Centre.

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Social software group dynamics: Clay Shirky

One of the papers I re-read lately is Clay Shirky’s landmark speech at ETech in 2003 “A group is its own worst enemy” where he identifies 4 principles for social software/social network design. These principles are every bit as relevant today as they were 5 years ago.

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Free team collective intelligence tool: Delphi

The Delphi Technique is a proven way to harness collective group intelligence (popularly known as “the wisdom of crowds”) in a wide range of applications. It is also non-proprietary and supported by a number of excellent free resources.

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The web: the next 5000 days

Kevin Kelly gives a fascinating talk on TED on the next 5,000 days of the web arguing that it has currently about the same processing power as a single human brain. However over the next 30 years Kelly suggests it will rapidly grow to the power of 6 Billion human brains and exceed the total combined processing power of the human population.

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