Bee Game viral launched to fight varroa mite plague

T-Enterprise have just released a new game viral to draw attention to the problems the bee population is facing with the varroa mite which unless something is done could wipe out the entire bee population within ten years.

Players take control of a giant magnifying glass to burn deadly varroa mites as they make their way towards a bunch of bees cowering in the centre of the hive. But be careful where you aim it – if you damage the honeycomb too much, it’s game over.
The game is fun but T-Enterprise’s MD Sadia Chishti said it has a serious side. She said: “Environment minister Lord Rooker recently warned the UK’s bee population could be wiped out within ten years if enough action isn’t taken. One of the main threats is the varroa mite, which latches onto bees and sucks their ‘blood'”.
According to reports, the mite has been in the UK for 16 years, and has previously been controlled using chemical treatments. But as mites are becoming resistant they are threatening bee colonies once again.
Sadia added: “We built this game to raise awareness of the problem. The more people know about it, the more pressure there will be on the government to up its current £2 million funding into bee health and disease research.”
Click here to play the game

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